The Dragonfly Door

Frank Mann is in his thirties. He has few friends, but they are good ones. He volunteers for the local Veterans Hospital as much as possible, helps his neighbors, and lives a simple and uncomplicated life… until the dragonflies appear.

A day after Frank encounters a spectacular swarm of dragonflies, he suddenly finds himself transported into another world, a world that appears to revolve around a garden of extraordinary beauty. When it happens again and again, Frank knows he is not hallucinating, but actually going somewhere whenever the dragonflies appear.

Eventually Frank discovers that this garden is very far in the past, but built by people from a future far beyond his own.

Through his work with at the VA, Frank meets Jorge, a mysterious and very ill soldier who is the key to finding out why he is traveling to this other world. Unbeknownst to Frank, Jorge is a scientist from the future who created the Dragonfly Door and the garden, and he is trapped in 2013.

Jorge’s time, the 22nd century, is a world of peace and prosperity, with a society of happy and healthy people. However, that world is now threatened by a slow-acting virus that was designed to destroy the food supply.  Jorge creates the door so that he can go to 2013 and find the origin of the virus and engineer the cure. But something goes terribly wrong and Jorge becomes stranded. His connection with the future is threatened by contamination of the door from two opposing forces. With each passing day, Jorge’s door is disintegrating, along with his mind and his chances of saving his own world.

In order to preserve the future, Frank must find out why the door is malfunctioning and who is interfering with it. He must also get Jorge back to where he belongs.  Frank and his friends (from this century and the next) face continuing challenges—and enemies. Can they save lives—and the future—before it’s too late?  

Copyright © 2013 by Margaret A. Millmore

(Revised and Re-edited April 2014)

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