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What Haunts Me – Ghost Killer Book 1

There are ghosts and demons that wander among the living; they do not haunt in the traditional sense. Instead, they plague the living with diseases and physical deformities, and once a ghost finds its victim it will haunt them for a lifetime.

A mild illness brings on the dreams, which trigger the suppressed memories, which in turn allows George to see ghosts. Along with this new sight into a realm unknown to most, George instinctually knows that he must kill the ghosts. Of course none of this makes sense, but he cannot control the urge to kill when he encounters them, because deep inside, he knows this is what he must do. Another thing he knows; if he kills a ghost, a person nearby is suddenly healed.

His acceptance of this newfound ability to see and kill ghosts becomes his obsession, but it is also destroying his life and threatening his sanity. George seeks the help of Phil, a known paranormal expert, who briefly explains his new ability, but also warns him about a dangerous man who is looking for a powerful ghost killer, and insinuates that George is that powerful ghost killer. Soon after, George meets Billy, a young woman with a brazen and unlikable personality. However, she is another ghost killer, and that makes her someone he needs to know. With the help of Billy and Phil, George looks for answers as to how and why he’s become what he is and who and what the dangerous man wants. His quest for knowledge leads him to new friends and allies, but also to enemies he could never have imagined, enemies that killed his mother and grandparents, and now want him. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019EAN2K6/ 

My character, Phil James, was inspired by Jim Fassbinder, the original owner of SF Ghost Hunt Walking Tour. Although Jim no longer gives the SF Ghost Tours, he’s still an integral part of the Ghost Killer series via the character he inspired. Christian Cagigal now gives the tours and its still a “don’t miss” attraction for tourists and locals alike. Reservations are required, please visit the website to book your tour. http://www.sfghosthunt.com

The Edge of the Cemetery – Ghost Killer Book 2

George has embraced this new life as a ghost killer and now works alongside his new friends, Billy Wilkinson and Phil James. Together they assist the Watchers, an international group of ghost killers and supernatural experts who monitor the world for ghostly sightings and demon infestations to maintain the balance between the living and the dead.

When San Francisco and the surrounding area are suddenly plagued by rogue groups of ghosts and demons, who appeared to have a leader of sorts, a 17th century musketeer demon, the Watchers know it isn’t random, nor was it the usual form in which ghosts and demons prefer to haunt. These monsters were also possessing their victims and forcing them to hurt others, and once the ghost killers arrived, the demons directed their human weapons on them. The question was, who was this musketeer demon and why was he directing these attacks?

As George, Billy, Phil and the Watchers investigate, they discover the 17th century demon is teamed up with a teenage boy, who they come to realize is a powerful ghost killer himself and more importantly, they believe he is being controlled by the demon and is now using its energy to  kill people at will. Their search for the teenager and his demon lead them to the discovery of an enemy from their past and a mysterious prophecy. As they decipher the true meaning of the prophecy, they uncover a plot for murderous revenge involving a secret vault containing numerous malevolent souls and a plan to return those wicked dead to human form as directed by Satan himself. Unfortunately, they also discover the true purpose of the demon musketeer’s involvement, which is to become one with the powerful teenage ghost killer, creating a monster that cannot be defeated. With the clock ticking against them, they must find the vault and destroy it before it can be opened and kill the demon and his teenage host. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GSE7E7S/

What Hunts Me – Ghost Killer – Book 3 

Secreted away in the attic of the large Edwardian house in San Francisco owned by the Watchers, a box is discovered, containing various documents from ghost killers dating back more than ninety years. Among those missives are letters, some photographs and a diary dated in 1915, belonging to George Sinclair of Houtzdale, Pennsylvania. The letters chronicle an epic journey from Pennsylvania to San Francisco along the route of the newly opened Lincoln Highway, however the diary indicates something more sinister might have transpired. It contained strange drawings and nonsensical writings, but the final entry is loud and clear; George is a ghost killer and he is being hunted. Modern-day George Sinclair knows there is nothing coincidental in his world, and this discovery could be the key to his unknown paternal heritage, 1915 George was probably his great-grandfather.

George and Phil James travel to Houtzdale to investigate and the more they learn, the more they realize something horrible happened in 1915 and it directly involved George’s great-grandfather. More importantly, they discover a monstrous creature, who 1915 George thought he killed, had risen from its grave and was now on a murderous rampage in search of something. The only clues are in the letters, diary and photographs. George and Phil follow the path indicated in the letters in pursuit of the creature, with Billy eventually joining in.

They find themselves embroiled in a hundred year old mystery, which grows beyond a reanimated monstrous creature. Mysterious supernatural forces are in play and the discovery of very dangerous stones and an even more dangerous artifact propel the ghost killers into a fight for their lives. Many will die along the way and someone close to them won’t survive. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BK73XDV/